APPLE has released a new Check In feature to let friends and family know you got home safe.

iOS 17 was announced back in June and finally landed on September 18.

Apple has released a new Check In feature


Apple has released a new Check In featureCredit: Getty

Apple’s native messaging app has also welcomed a new potentially lifesaving new feature called Check In.

The feature alerts trusted contacts when iPhone users have reached a destination safely.

“If you stop making progress, it checks in with you, and if you don’t respond, it shares helpful information with your friend, like the location, battery level and mobile service status of your iPhone,” according to Apple.

To use it, open the messages app on your iPhone and tap the pen and paper icon at the top of the screen.

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Then, add a recipient or select an existing conversation.

Next, tap the plus icon > More Check In > Edit > then click one of the following:

  • When I Arrive: Specify your destination, how you’re traveling (driving, transit, or walking), and add extra time if needed.
    • This will monitor your journey and notify your friend or family member when your iPhone has stopped moving for an “extended period of time” or if it “doesn’t reach your destination as expected.”
  • After a timer: Specify a period of time—for example, if you’re meeting someone new.
    • If you don’t end the Check In before the time you set, the feature will notify your friend.

Apple has built a genius trick into your iPhone that can instantly stop sinister snooping.

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It’s called Emergency Reset, and it’s part of a bigger Apple feature called Safety Check.

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