Grace Charis aka on TikTok

Grace Charis aka on TikTok is a golfer, she is well known in the short-video sharing platform for the golf content that she posts for her viewers. 

Users of TikTok are known for their content and trust me there is diverse content available on the platform, one such user is Grace Charis who goes by her username @Graceeecharisss. She is known for the golf content she shares with her followers. 

Similarly, other users such as Amber Eileen SchindlerGabby HannaBianca Blakney, and Jojo Siwa are also popular content creators on the platform. They are known for the wide variety of content they share with their followers. 

While some users on the platform show off their insane skills or have profound talents, others sometimes get viral just for their appearance and beauty. Grace seems to have both the things on her which has propelled her to fame lately. 

Let us learn more about Grace Charis aka Graceeecharisss and take a closer look at her age and Instagram. 

Grace Charis On TikTok – Who Is Graceeecharisss Golf Girl?

Grace Charis aka Graceeecharisss is also known as TikTok golf girl for her golf content on the platform. 

However, apart from golf content pushing her towards fame Grace is also an insanely beautiful woman. 

Her account @graceeecharisss has over 1.5 million followers on the platform and people have liked her content over 26.9 million times until now. 

Apart from TikTok, she is also found on the adult entertainment website OnlyFans. She also has a good grip on followers on several other social media websites as well. 

Grace is found using Instagram under her username @itsgracecharis, she has amassed over 237k followers on her Instagram account. 

The native of Los Angeles, California, Grace only posts videos on the golf course playing golf. She has become a wonderful social media influencer with millions of people following her across several platforms. 

Despite her internet fame, Grace has not revealed anything about her personal life to her followers. 

What Is Grace Charis Age?

Grace Charis could be in her early 20s, judging by her images available on the web. 

However, she has not revealed anything about her actual age or her date of birth on the web. 

For such a well-known internet personality, keeping information about her personal life away from the netizens proves to be a challenge but Grace has amazingly concealed her actual age from her millions of followers. 

Charis may have been born around Los Angeles, California as she is currently based there but details about her hometown or her place of birth are yet to be verified as of now. Rumors on the internet say she was born in California. 

Nevertheless, the young sports enthusiast has already begun her career in becoming a successful internet celebrity and model while maintaining her golf career simultaneously. It is unknown if she plays golf competitively or just as a pastime. 

Grace Charis holding a golf club at a golf course.
Grace Charis holding a golf club at a golf course. ( Source : instagram )

Who Are Grace Charis Parents? Family Explored

Grace Charis was born to her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charis. 

While she has not brought her parents into her spotlight yet, they must be very proud of their little girl as she is making a name for herself. 

Charis has never posted any content with her family or siblings on her social media yet, but she is seen sharing frames with Kelly Jane on TikTok quite often. Kelly appears to be a very good friend and golf companion of Grace. 

Regardless of the unavailability of information about her family or siblings, Grace might have a blessing from them to become a successful social media model and golfer. 

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