THE number of days a person needs to work just to cover their household bills arrives this week.

So-called Bills Freedom Day is on Wednesday — 59 days into the year.

Bills Freedom Day is on Wednesday — 59 days into the year


Bills Freedom Day is on Wednesday — 59 days into the yearCredit: Getty

It is the point when the typical worker has earned enough to cover essentials such as energy, council tax, water, internet, insurance, as well as subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify.

Experts who made the calculation suspect it is getting later in the year, as energy, mobile and broadband costs remain stubbornly high.

Bills Freedom Day was worked out using an average take-home pay of £28,245 a year.

But annual household bills total £4,561, according to website Nous.

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It means it takes nearly two months before bills are covered.

The figure does not include rent or mortgage or food bills and assumes all household costs are shared with a partner. CEO Greg Marsh said: “It’s depressing to think that all the work you’ve done this year, all the money earned so far, has been entirely swallowed up by your bills.

“Bills Freedom Day is getting later each year.

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“Energy bills are still 50% above their pre-pandemic levels, and mobile and broadband costs are spiking too – partly thanks to unfair mid-contract price rises.

“What makes it even worse is that almost all of us are paying far more than we needto on our household bills.

“Keeping on top of contracts is a huge headache. Suppliers know this, and use it to take advantage.”

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