INFLUENCERS created by artificial intelligence are on the rise and could even replace humans one day, according to an expert.

The AI influencers are so popular they can make millions of dollars a year and already have millions of followers.

Lu Do Magalu is an AI influencer with over six million followers


Lu Do Magalu is an AI influencer with over six million followersCredit: Instagram magazineluiza
Qai Qai is an AI baby with an Instagram account that's got 342,000 followers


Qai Qai is an AI baby with an Instagram account that’s got 342,000 followersCredit: Instagram realqaiqai

We spoke to social media expert Luke Lintz, co-found of HighKey Enterprises, who told us just how much of an impact he thinks AI will have on the industry.

Lintz believes the AI influencers can make seven figures a year.

If they made just $1million a year it works out at around $80,000 a month.

According to Wired, some AI influencers are already making far more than this.

An artificially intelligent influencer from Brazil called Lu Do Magalu is said to make around $16.2million a year thanks to big brand deals.

The AI has 6.6 million followers on Instagram.

Miquela is another big name in this futuristic section of the industry.

The Instagram account for Miquela has 2.7 million followers.

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Its descriptions states: “19-year-old Robot living in LA.”

Miquela is suspected to earn around $11million a year.

There’s even a AI baby that’s rising in popularity.

Qai Qai has around 342,000 followers and is thought to earn over $100,000 a year.

This amount of money puts the AI influencers in the same league as some of the most popular human influencers.

Lintz even thinks they could replace humans one day but doesn’t think that will happen anytime soon.

He described influencers like the ones above as “the next evolution of cartoon characters for the younger generation.”

Lintz continued: “When I grew up the cartoon characters were SpongeBob SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron etc.

“The AI influencers out right now, aren’t really competing with human influencers as they have different target markets.

“But, I do believe that AI influencers will get to the point in the near future of taking over.

“Especially AI Onlyfans creators are inevitable because unlimited naked pictures could easily be generated, with very little effort and make a very lucrative return.

“AI will also be getting to the point of being hyper-realistic, where it could start replacing actors and then influencers across the board.”

The expert said the rise in the use of AI is impacting how he deals with his own clients.

He said: “Since this is the direction we are heading, the number one goal when we are working with our clients is authenticity on their social media channels.

“People are craving authenticity more than ever. And authenticity can’t be faked.

“It’s the aspect of not “putting on a show” for social media and injecting stories into your content.”

Lintz highlighted that AI influencers even have benefits when compared to their human competitors.

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He added: “The benefits that AI influencers have, is content can be generated as fast as the computer power allows for.

“There is no need for a physical person who has their own emotions, sicknesses, etc.”

Miquela has even been in an advertizing campaign with Bella Hadid


Miquela has even been in an advertizing campaign with Bella HadidCredit: @lilmiquela

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