AI aquatics

Speaking of mindless chores a robot could do, cleaning a pool is the problem that China-based company Lydsto set out to solve.

At their CES booth, the tiny, cute robot moved along the bottom of a very small pool, raised so that passersby could see it working its magic.

Almost like an insect crawling up a window, it worked its way up the glass, showing off how it cleans the walls of the pool.

“It’s wireless, and it (automatically) climbs the wall,” Yutung Chiu, a Vegas local working with the company and translating on behalf of their international members said to The Sun.

As is standard for many smart cleaning devices, it sits on a charging dock when not in use, and, “when it’s low power” Chiu said “it will come back out.”

Lydsto hopes to link up with a wholeseller to get their products in the hands of eager customers, but right now it is set to sell straight to consumer for $1,049 beginning March 2023.

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